Delivering a robust classical education

THE CURRICULUM – 9th – 12th Grade

Arise Classical Academy will open to students in the fall of 2024. The first class will be a 9th-grade class; however, if your child is in 10th grade, please let us know. We are considering opening a 10th-grade class if there are enough students. We hope that by 2027, we will have full 9th-12th grade classes.

Hybrid Learning Approach – Academy Learning and Homeschooling

If your child is registered with the state of Pennsylvania as a homeschooled student, we can offer our academic classes to enrich their learning. We are not a substitute for home learning, but we partner with parents to help provide a classical Christian curriculum in their homeschooling. This is an excellent option for those seeking hybrid choices.

What Exactly Is The Difference Between Arise Classical Academy And Other Schooling Environments?

Arise Classical Academy follows a classical education curriculum, a methodology of learning that is time-tested and designed to encourage students to become lifelong learners. Each element of our curriculum complements the others, creating a holistic education experience for our students. This model provides the opportunity for your child to grow and be challenged not only in academics but also in character, faith, and wisdom.

We are members of the ACCS (Association of Classical Christian Schools). For more information on their classical education model and the history and values of the movement, visit their website.

We also have membership with NAUMS, Inc. (National Association of University-Model® Schools). For more information of the Unversity-Model®, visit their website.

Our Promise to Your Child

We aim to see every student become everything God has called them to be. Arise Classical Academy is committed to providing education that encourages students to thrive in their independent thinking skills and understanding of the Christian faith.

Aims of Christian Education

Our Christian education program equips our students. Choosing a classical Christian curriculum for your child allows you to be confident in the values taught in the classroom while knowing they are receiving excellent mentorship.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission and values are the foundation for everything we do at Arise Classical Academy. You can read about them in more detail here.

We value every one of our students as a whole person. We are just as interested in nurturing their character and faith as in helping them achieve their academic goals. We desire to see our students flourish in school and as they venture into the world and utilize their independent thinking skills with God’s word as their foundation.

Why choose Arise Classical Academy?

Arise Classical Academy offers a unique experience for your child to receive a Christian classical education curriculum in the Pittsburgh area. We provide Christ-centered education taught in an environment where your child will be a known and valued part of our community. We provide a hybrid model which gives parents more time with their children at home but also allows for adequate help and instruction time.


The classical education model focuses on the holistic development of a child, including academics. The method is based upon learning styles utilized throughout history to equip children to grow into adults who thrive in every element of their life. We implement this model with a Christian focus. Everything we do is Christ-centered.

Please visit the Association of Classical Christian School’s website for more information on our approach.

Unlike the modern system of schooling used in public schools, our classical education curriculum is designed so that every class complements the others to form a unified learning experience. The classical education model helps students become ‘cultured generalists’ by focusing study on the ‘trivium’ (grammar, logic and rhetoric) and the quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and harmonics). Our program prevents students from specializing too fast and keeps options open for them later in life. For this reason, students cannot opt out of an individual class.

We are in the process of working out our details for dual enrollment with two institutions. Please check back for developments.

Arise Classical Academy is pursuing dual enrollment rather than the AP route. However, our University-Model® program allows students to undertake AP testing if they would like to do so independently.

We are in the process of building a classical Christian curriculum that supports our mission and vision.

Due to being a new academy, we do not currently have the staff to provide one-to-one work with special needs students. Please contact us to see what accommodations we can make and how we can work alongside you as a parent to support your child in a classical Christian curriculum.

We are members of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) and of NAUMS Inc., which oversees University-Model® programs. We have pursued this accreditation so families are assured of our mission to provide high-quality education.

Yes. We use a classroom management system called ClassReach to give teachers the ability to generate reliable transcripts for all their students.