How our classical Christian academy began

Our story so far…
In April of 2023, four parents came together with a vision of founding an educational program that is unwaveringly Christian and uniquely effective in teaching children to think. This is how our Christian academy in Pittsburgh was created.

A seed had been planted in the heart and mind of Brittany Kinol in October 2013 when she met a founder of a University-Model® classical academy in Texas and saw there was something special about this program. As a successful businesswoman she knew she had the gifting needed to begin this endeavor but that she couldn’t do it without a team.

In the meantime, Lisa Gyergyo was burdened by the number of parents on her prayer list who were struggling with adult children who had completely walked away from their faith. Not only was she praying for these parents and young adults, but she was also praying for a new job opportunity that could build upon her years of experience as a classical educator and homeschool parent. Brittany and Lisa soon connected and excitement built as they joined forces with mutual friends Zack and Lauren who had long had a vision for a visual or fine arts program.

It was immediately evident that the team’s mission and vision – to create a private classical christian academy – were aligned and they began to pray and seek God as they moved forward. In May the team met with Evan Addams, an entrepreneur and leader, and they instantly knew he added a piece needed for their vision of a classical Christian school.

Together we are working to build a Christian academy in Pittsburgh – an incredible educational school option for students and parents who seek a thoroughly classical education.

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