Arise Classical Academy Teachers

Dr. Stan Keehlwetter

Math, Christian Studies, Humanities
Rev. Dr. Stan Keehlwetter has degrees from Gordon College, Duquesne University, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary.  He taught four years of American History and Geography of Europe at Shady Side Academy.  He served as Dean of the Chapel at Grove City College, taught in the Humanities and Biblical Studies Departments, and served on the President’s Senior Leadership Team. He currently serves as the Covenant Pastor of Heritage Presbyterian Church in Franklin Park, PA.  For the past four years, he has tutored 9th grade students in the Classical Conversations program.

Phil McCaffrey

Science & Math
Phil has honed his teaching skills in various capacities including for the U.S. Navy as a college NROTC instructor, a Sunday School teacher, a corporate salesman, and then ultimately as a high school teacher at a downtown Pittsburgh charter school. Phil holds an engineering degree from Penn State and a MBA from Old Dominion, where he taught NROTC. His teaching certificate is through Robert Morris.  He is the owner of 3rPrep, which offers private tutoring for SAT’s, ACT’s and other high school subjects.

Kathy Orlando

Logic & Rhetoric, Literature & Composition

After graduating from Grove City College with a degree in business, Kathy began tutoring in Classical Conversations and has taught various levels including 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade in the subjects of math, logic, rhetoric, literature, science, debate, senior thesis, writing with the Lost Tools of Writing curriculum, and she has successfully conducted Socratic Circle discussions with 10th-12th grade students.

Lisa Gyergyo

Head of School
Math & Latin
Upon graduating with an education degree,  Lisa worked in the Education Department at Grove City College for three years. Lisa worked with a group of parents to build a classical homeschool community in Memphis, TN, and she taught class on the community instruction days. Additionally she worked with a team to create composition classes for a tutorial program and taught classes for grades ranging from 2nd through 12th.

Evan Addams

Humanities & Entrepreneurship

His entrepreneurial journey through technology startups, luxury hotels, and coffee with a cause all tie back to a foundation of educating as opposed to simply graduating.  Specializing in early stage startups, Evan’s experience in market development and commercial planning will be applicable to Arise in this exciting season.

Autumn Ghubril

Visual Arts

With a degree in Art Education from Penn State and a Masters of Art degree from NYU, Autumn’s formal teaching experience encompasses charter schools in Harlem and the Bronx, Faison Intermediate and Pittsburgh CAPA (PPS), Propel Andrew Street in Homestead, and Watermark Classical Academy, as well as private art lessons sprinkled throughout her career and volunteer teaching experience at Urban Impact.