Entrepreneurship Program

Arise Classical Academy integrates the liberal arts with real-world applications through our Christian entrepreneurship programs. The entrepreneurship program will culminate in the launch of a nonprofit and student-owned business that catalyzes the fulfillment of the portrait of the graduate. Our Christian entrepreneurs equip students to be engaged Christians, lifelong learners, critical thinkers, beauty connoisseurs, persuasive communicators and dynamic leaders.
Participating in these beyond-the-walls learning experiences offers a chance for students to apply their Christian discipleship and Classical scholarship with practical wisdom. Arise Classical Academy handpicks organizational partners who will invest in students with meaningful work experiences to develop the virtues of grit, grace, and a growth mindset. 

9th Grade

Strategic Planning
for Nonprofit of the Arts

Part of the entrepreneurship program will involve students creating a nonprofit specific to their class that will exist through graduation. This nonprofit will be created in order to raise and house money for their drama, choir and worship band, etiquette and protocol events, and field trips throughout their high school career. The practical process will empower students with the knowledge, expertise, and experience of starting a nonprofit. Throughout the year, we will host experts to mentor the students.

The entrepreneurship program begins with real-life board experience, strategic planning, and board meetings. These activities focus on the skills of the problem-solver and the attributes of collaboration, persuasion, reflection and productivity. The curriculum and execution will empower students with the confidence that they, too, can start a nonprofit to change the world around them. The course will culminate into a final launch of the nonprofit, resulting in students achieving 3+ years of nonprofit experience.

10th Grade

Nonprofit Strategies and Financial Stewardship

As part of the 10th grade Christian entrepreneurship program, students will build upon the foundation of the nonprofit they started in 9th grade. In addition to nurturing that knowledge base and working with classmates as a team, students will be taught about successful stewardship of personal finances and in a business or nonprofit setting as well emotional intelligence and leadership.

11th  and 12th Grade

Business Development
for a Christian Entrepreneur

This year will mimic and reinforce similar strategic steps students did as a class in 9th grade, but will lead
to a student-owned business . The curriculum once again will start with strategic planning guided by an
expert mentor, followed by weeks of execution on the student’s part.  The weeks will build upon each
other, helping students create a full business plan to be presented to business owners. 
At the end of their 11th grade year, each student will present their full business plan to a board of
local entrepreneurs and officially launch their own businesses.  This business will be carried into their
senior year as they learn to develop, grow and steward well.  Senior year will be used to develop
Christian leadership, organizational skills, and emotional intelligence.  At the end of the senior year, 
students will present their businesses in a “Shark Tank” setting to engage and persuade local
entrepreneurs and business owners to join or propel the businesses beyond the high school years. 

For more information about the entrepreneurship program at Arise Classical Academy, call us at +1(412) 600-3579.