Christian Education Age 14-18

Grades 9-12 Christian High School Education

At Arise Classical Academy, we have tailored our curriculum to provide a classical education option for students looking for Christian high school-age education in Pittsburgh. Our students benefit from a comprehensive academic experience centered around the classical learning method.

Our Aims For Christian Classical Education

Our classical Christian high school programs differ from the standard high school setup. Each area of our program complements the others, encouraging a holistic, thought-provoking approach to education. Classical education values character growth as much as it does nurturing academic ability. As a parent, you can be confident that your children’s teachers are committed to investing in them as a whole person. The values and wisdom imparted in the classroom are built upon the firm foundation of Biblical teaching.

At Arise Classical Academy, we are committed to producing high school-aged graduates who are:

  • Dynamic leaders
  • Lifelong learners
  • Engaged Christians
  • Critical Thinkers
  • Persuasive Communicators
  • Beauty Connoisseurs

The Classical Method

The classical method is a time-tested methodology dating back to the Ancient world. We combine this approach to education with a Christ-centered worldview to provide students with a holistic, God-honoring learning experience. The foundation of classical learning is the Trivium, which is honoured in every subject. The Trivium identifies three core stages of learning and understanding.

  • Grammar – Learning the fundamental rules, vocabulary and facts of a subject.
  • Logic – Encouraging critical thinking, analyzing concepts and understanding good arguments and reasoning.
  • Rhetoric – Communicating information and arguments skillfully and effectively.

By applying the Trivium methodology, students will receive a Christian high school level education that goes beyond simply learning facts to pass exams. Arise Classical Academy students will be taught transferable skills that will equip them to excel in many subjects and areas of their lives. We are careful to regulate our class sizes in order to encourage discussion and participation from every class member.


Arise Classical Academy teaches a range of subjects, from math and science to Latin and fine arts. Our apprenticeship program allows students to develop entrepreneurial skills, and our extracurricular activities encourage creativity and community work. As a private Christian high school equivalent academy, we are able to tailor the subjects we offer. We are continuing to develop our curriculum as we grow.

Hybrid Options

The hybrid options at Arise Classical Academy are designed to complement homeschooling programs. Combining homeschooling practices with a classical Christian education will enable your child to enjoy both the benefits of learning from their parents at home and from teachers and classmates while still being assured the values and morals they are being taught remain consistent.


We are affiliated with both the Association of Classical Christian Schools and NAMUS Inc. University Model Schools. We are actively pursuing accreditation to provide an established program with assured high standards of a classical Christian high school education.

Find Out More

For more information on our Christian private high school-age programs, visit our FAQs page or get in touch with us at +1(412)600-3579. We would love to discuss how we can partner with you to provide your child with a comprehensive, inspiring classical Christian high school education in Pittsburgh.