Lisa Gyergyo

Head of School/9th Grade teacher

Lisa Gyergyo has felt the call to work in the education field since she entered college.

She attended Grove City College and received a B.S. in Elementary Education and continued on at Grove City College in the Education Department as the Curriculum Library Director.

Lisa and her husband, Craig, moved to Memphis in 2007 and quickly caught a vision for classical education when friends in their church began sharing the joys and benefits of it. Once their daughters, Molly, Lucy, and Laney were old enough to begin school, they began searching for a homeschool community to support their journey. In 2011, Lisa worked with a group of parents to build a classical homeschool community, and she taught classes on the community instruction days. In 2016, Lisa was the main speaker for the three Memphis area Classical Conversations parent practicums, and she trained the practicum speakers for the following year’s practicum sessions. In addition, she was the tutor trainer for the Memphis area Classical Conversations parent practicum the following two years. In 2019 she was asked by a large Memphis area homeschool program, Bellevue Tutorial, to create a composition program to be added to their course offerings.

She successfully added four composition classes for grades 2nd through 12th grade, and all her classes were filled the very first semester. In 2020, her husband was called to be the senior pastor at Christ Church at Grove Farm in Sewickley, PA. After settling in, Lisa began teaching again in a classical homeschool community until she shifted her efforts toward creating a classical Christian program for 9th through 12th grade students. Lisa loves students of all ages and has a desire for students to truly be grounded in their faith as they make their way in the world. She is grateful for the many years she has had the blessing of being able to educate her children at home through classical education, and her passion is to help other parents in that endeavor.