Classical Education and Philosophy

The modern experiment in education, therefore,
is about 100 years old, and flagging. The classical experiment is about 1,000 years old and reviving.

Christopher A. Perrin, on the reawakening of a classical education

It is no surprise that parents are seeking an alternative to the education currently being offered to their children in public academies. Many are finding the joy and beauty of a classical education.

The classical Christian education model focuses on how and when students are taught, with each stage intended to develop a knowledgeable, thinking, and articulate student.

Employing classical teaching methods, the three stages are known as the trivium model of learning:

  • Young students – prone to enjoying memorization, students learn through songs and chants in the grammar stage
  • Middle school students – students naturally become argumentative and want to know the “why” behind the facts. Thus, they enter the logic stage, focusing on the learning of reasoning and logic
  • Older students – the trivium culminates with students entering into the rhetoric stage and learning to be independent thinkers and communicators

The Rise in Christian Classical Education

Hundreds of classical academies have cropped up across the world and tens of thousands of homeschooling families are turning to the time-tested classical Christian education model that has produced countless leaders, inventors, philosophers, theologians, poets, musicians, and scientists over the centuries.

Although we teach facts at Arise Classical Academy, we are more invested in forming the soul. A classical Christian education model provides the opportunity for students to grow and be challenged beyond the textbooks. Rich discussion, the study of great literature, and placing God at the center of all subjects will lay the groundwork for a student who can arise and be all that God has called them to be.

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