We want to be a light in our world, and students in our classical academy athletics teams have the unique opportunity to do this by participating in the high-level sports programs in their local school district. Our goal is to support students in this endeavor as they improve their sporting abilities and share their values with others.

Athletes in Action

We will support students by hosting a regular meeting time for student-athletes to help them through the Athletes in Action program. Athletes in Action is a national Christian-based program on college campuses and professional sports teams. They develop and equip student-athletes to become “missionaries” among their public school sports teams.

Support Group

Arise Classical Academy will create a Christian homeschool athletic program support group. We understand it isn’t always easy to be the homeschooler or outsider on the team, we are committed to supporting and encouraging every one of our students.


Our goal is for our students to have opportunities to invite teammates to Athletes in Action events and fellowship activities and to share the gospel with them. As our program expands, we plan to appoint a specific support person on staff who can be a liaison between families and schools to help facilitate participation on high school teams.