Brittany Kinol

Brittany Kinol has long had a passion for creating and building new opportunities for others.

After receiving an undergraduate degree in biochemistry with a minor in economics from the University of Pittsburgh, she went on to get a doctorate from there as well. In 2013 she laid the groundwork for starting her own business focused on public health and special needs children and currently oversees and owns four business locations in western Pennsylvania, along with two additional mobile teams to help underserved children. Brittany and her husband Chris have four children, Cristiano, Santino, Mila, and Guiliana who are all being educated through a classical Christian program.

Brittany has seen the fruit of this classical education and seeks to see a path for her children to continue classical education through the high school years. As a goal achieving and problem solving individual, Brittany dove in when an opportunity to build a classical 9th-12th grade program arose. Brittany brings much to the table in this enterprise with her creative problem solving skills and multiple years of experience serving on the board of a classical grammar and logic academy, in particular serving on curriculum and fundraising committees. Her love of classical education and her business savvy are a perfect combination for this new role as an Arise Classical Academy board member.